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Frequently Asked Questions

Turbo Solutions prides itself on our world-class customer support and we are always happy to talk with our customers about their questions. However, many times our customers have questions that can easily be answered without the phone call. Take a look at our FAQ’s below and see if you find what you need.

Is there anyone that I can call for technical support.

Yes. Technical support is available at 1 844-4A -Turbo. Our technical support team is available to help you with any questions that you may have about your turbocharger. From proper installation to maintenance, to troubleshooting; we are here to help.

Do I really need to change my oil when I put on my turbocharger?

Yes. The oil is the most critical fluid in your diesel engine. Oil lubrication is critical to the proper operation of your turbocharger. If your oil is old, dirty or contaminated with metal it will cause unnecessary wear on the critical rotating components in your turbocharger. The warranty on your turbocharger is dependent on you having fresh oil on start-up.

Does my turbocharger come pre-lubed from the factory?

No. Your turbocharger may contain residual oil from the balancing process but IT IS NOT SUFFICIENT LUBRICATION. Your turbocharger requires a pre-lube after shipping before you start the engine. (see our installation instructions for full details)

Are there installation instructions included with my turbocharger?

Yes. Each turbocharger that we send out comes with installation instructions in the gasket installation pack. If you have lost yours, you can get another copy by clicking here or by following the link in the footer.

If I have a warranty should I take off the turbocharger and send it back?

No. In the event of a possible warranty situation, it is important that you call 1 844 4A Turbo before removal. Often times our technical support specialists can help you solve an issue without removal. Any turbochargers that are removed and sent back without prior approval will not be eligible for warranty. You can read our full Warranty Policy or by the following link in the footer.

What information do you need from me to order a turbocharger?

The best number to give our sales specialists is always the part number directly off of the turbocharger. Each turbocharger leaves the OEM with an identification tag attached. The part number for your turbocharger can be found on that tag. In the event that you cannot find or read your tag, the engine make and serial number is the next best method for us to track down the right part for you. The third, and final way for us to find your part is with the VIN from your vehicle. The VIN is often the least reliable because in some older trucks or machines the original engine may have been replaced.